"I am looking for people who are tired of building someone else's brand and are ready to build their own."

- Britt Parrish

Hi. I'm Britt!

Hi. I'm Britt!

I am a Detroit native, now residing in Texas, and have always had the desire to help people in any capacity that I can. We know how powerful social media can be and its ability to reach so many people with just the touch of a button. We also know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to try and grow a brand or business using social media as well. As your Social Media Coach and Consultant, I help people like you who want to learn how to organically grow a business presence using personalized strategies that help you reach your target audience, build your social media following, gain new clients/customers, and attain influence. I help beginner creatives like you tap into the power of social media and the mindset it takes to achieve all your goals, dreams and aspirations when it comes to building your brand online. From the beginner who is just learning how to use social media to the more experienced who want to elevate their presence and build a more engaging platform.

Whether you're an aspiring influencer, small business owner, or just someone wanting to learn how to navigate the social media world, I help you learn and create with skills, tools and resources I have acquired over the years of growing my following, influence,

businesses and personal brand.

I look forward to working with you! 

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